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Kalehua Featheran was tested over a period of five months. This was the period of time when many of his skills and abilities advanced at a rapid rate. In addition, people that he assisted in healing, both in person and remotely, were tested. This case study approach provides a window of insight into his skills and abilities.


The primary testing included E.E.G. brain maps of Kalehua as his skills and abilities developed over a one month time period.


The effects of his healing skills and abilities were tested during a live healing session in Hawaii and during the healing session of two people experiencing remote healing via telephone. All three people reported reduced pain and enhanced well being following the sessions. Lastly, golf putting performance and brain activity were measured in a male, tour professional while Kalehua increased the energy in the hole so the golfer could connect to the target.


Brain Maps


Brain maps illustrate the amount of activity in each area of the brain. More activity is represented by brighter colors, such as red, and reduced activity is represented by blues and greens. The patterns of interest are the amount of activity and the balance of activity across the different areas of the brain, between the two hemispheres of the brain and among the four frequency bands of theta (4-7 Hz), alpha (8-12 Hz), beta (13-20 Hz), and beta2 (21-30 Hz) in the brain. I define balance as the similarity between the same area of the brain in the right and left hemispheres (i.e., front right and front left). Synchrony is defined as the similarity between theta and alpha and between beta and beta2 (i.e., the top two maps and the bottom two maps.) Harmony is the similarity across all four frequency bands, for both hemispheres at all locations in the brain.


Results for Kalehua Featheran

Appendix A shows a series of brain maps for Kalehua from December, 2001 to January, 2002. Kalehua was tested both at rest and during performance (healing and moving an object). The maps indicate a clear increase in baseline activity in the brain and increased harmony among the ten electrodes placed on both hemispheres of the brain from December to January. Assessments in January showed that healing created a synchronous state in Kalehua while moving an object produced the most harmonic state.


Results for Healing

The healing abilities of Kalehua were measured while assisting a lady who suffered from back pain. Appendix B shows incremental increases in activity in the lady being healed. From baseline (low activity that is harmonious), activity increased during healing from Kalehua (increased activity), to healing with tones and finally to healing with music. Kalehua's healing with music typically shows the greatest energy results in the brain maps. Kalehua's general healing is more harmonious than the specific healings and the remote healing was from another room. Remote healing is also quite harmonious with slightly less activity than during general healing.

Results for Remote Healing

Appendix C shows the effects of remote healing (i.e., Hawaii to Arizona via phone) on a gentleman with lymphatic drainage problems in both legs. Activity in the brain increased with specific healing and general healing. Specific healing by Kalehua appeared to differentially increase activity across the brain while general healing by Kalehua created the most harmonic state in the brain. The man reported reduced pain following the session. The primary increases were in the measures of beta and beta2 activity (the lower two maps in each condition.)

Results for Increasing Energy

A professional golfer from Hawaii was putting 12 ft putts under varying conditions. Appendix D shows the baseline E.E.G. of the golfer with normal energy in the hole. The right side brain map shows the golfers E.E.G. when Kalehua increased the energy in the cup by 50%. His activity went up and became synchronized. When Kalehua increased the energy in the cup by 100%, the energy in the golfer went up again and the brain maps became more harmonic. Focusing on the cup during putting is very important for successful performance and Kalehua's increased energy in the cup facilitated the golfers E.E.G. patterns and performance.



Results suggest that the brain activity of the individuals tested obtain greater energy during the sessions and greater harmony following the energy sessions. Kalehua's music also tends to augment these effects. Individuals report improved health, well-being, and performance. The effects of the healing energy appear to be long lasting with a supportive environment. Continued research is planned with other experts in the field (i.e.. Dr. Gary Schwartz, University of Arizona) to validate and explain the music and energy gifts of Kalehua Featheran.



- Research by Dr. Debbie Crews-Ketterling of Arizona State University


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