Healing Music


Kalehua has recorded a CD for pets and their owners (below). The price is $22, including tax and credit card fees. Listen for samples below.


Kalehua will also record original music to be used for healing. For more information or to make an appointment click here.

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At the time this song was written for 8 year old Koko, he was a rescued Min Pin in a foster home.  He was very well behaved and exhibited no anxiety except when he was left crated and his foster mom had to be away from the home.  Then he would bark, whine and “tap dance” in his crate.  This song was written to help Koko relax and feel safe while at home without humans around him ~ when the song was played, Koko would settle down, lie down and sometimes go to sleep.  Such a great response from playing this music for him!!




Roo is a fairly mellow Italian Greyhound, who is hard of hearing. She is able to hear certain tones and loud sounds. This means that in day to say situations, she has to see her human and the hand signals that are being shown, to know what is being asked of her. Kalehua wrote Roo’s song to see if the frequencies could do some healing and allow her to hear a wider range of tones. An update report will be posted on this site in about a month…






For Makena




For Gail

Kalehua composed music for Makena and me, and I think listening to them has made a difference.  I feel different after listening to my CD and I think it has helped Makena to be calmer, as well.  Also, I was dog sitting another dog, and on the days when I played my CD a lot, he hardly barked.  On the days when I didn’t play it, he was back to barking at everything.

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