Kalehua's gift of assisting in healing opportunities comes through his family's lineage. He is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. He is guided in the assistance of healing through vision, hearing and sensing. With these, he is able to assist individuals to identify areas which may benefit from healing and suggest a remedy for them.


Kalehua Featheran was tested over a period of five months.  This was the period of time when many of his skills and abilities advanced at a rapid rate.  In addition, people that he assisted in healing, both in person and remotely, were tested.  This case study approach provides a window of insight into his skills and abilities.” ~ Dr Debbie Crews-Ketterling, Research Scientist in the School of Community Resources and Development at Arizona State University.  Focused in attention in sports, using psycho-physiological measures of attention (i.e. brain and heart activity).


With permission from the individual, Kalehua will create a protective shield which decreases the amount of and potentially blocks out the electro-magnetic waves that negatively affect us. Once this shield is created, the chances of healing increases in this most favorable environment.


Kalehua’s healing options are based on traditional ancestral practices and beliefs, that are made known to him as he works with the individual’s spiritual and physical challenges. He is available to meet with individuals in a personal consultation or he is able to provide remote healing for those who are unable to meet personally.


Kalehua's other gift is in his music. His gift of music includes his singing and the healing energy of his voice through toning. Kalehua has a 3 octave range. Kalehua finds the pitch or tone that best resonates with the individual. The vibration of energy he creates with his voice has been found to remove blocks, open pathways and lay a foundation for assisting in the healing process.


An additional component to Kalehua’s toning, is the actual music composed during the process of toning.  Various instruments are used and no two compositions are alike.  Each composition is created for each individual for their unique healing process.


Dr. Debbie Crews of Arizona State University has conducted tests on Kalehua and the results of the research are most interesting and informative.


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