Upon my retirement in 2002, I gained much experience in energetic healing modalities for humans and canines and now hold certificates from:



• The Colorado Center for Healing Touch, Inc. for Level I and Level II Workshops


• Usui system of natural healing (Reiki)


• Level I Integrative Quantum Medicine Workshop


• Animal Healing Touch


• Dr Chad Sato’s Animal Gift of Spirit Workshop



and completed 100 treatments as part of the practice/experience in Healing Touch for humans. For canines, in addition to my dog, Roo, Italian Greyhound foster dogs and my friend’s dog, Kawena, I also work with dogs at the Hawaiian Humane Society, canine events such as the Hawaii Pet Expo and the Pet Walk, and clients. For animals, energy work can help with specific ailments/injuries, alleviate stress, and enhance general health and well being.


I offer Healing Touch, a non-invasive relaxation or energy balancing technique that promotes relaxation and stress reduction, decreases anxiety and discomfort, and supports the individual in self-healing, as well as Reiki, a Japanese technique of hands on healing, similar to Healing Touch. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. Rei is God's Wisdom or the Higher Power. Ki is life force energy. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. Energy is quite amazing; for those who are not comfortable with hands on healing, the work can be done “hands off” with the client still obtaining the benefits of the energy movement.




The process for requesting services begins with filling out a registration form and returning it to me with a photo of the pet’s face (with a clear view of the pet’s eyes).  I will ask if the pet is willing to communicate with me, and then set an appointment.  Fees are established as a fair energy exchange; for clients who genuinely need the assistance but are unable to pay in full, please let me know at the time of contact and we will come to a mutually agreeable fee or plan.  Payments are made once the service is completed – in person or via credit card on Pay Pal (you will be invoiced).  You may email me at eileen@animalcommunicatorshawaii.com or call (808) 551-7271 and leave a message.


Energy session for pet ($40)


  • Single in-person or remote energy assessment (body scan)
  • Single in-person or remote energy work (usually hands on, but could be hands off) to balance energy and allow recipient to use the energy at their discretion


If I may be of service to you, please CONTACT me.


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