We see a rebirth of the Hawaiian traditions and culture taking place and the knowledge from our ancestors being shared with the people of the world. As people accept the authenticity of this information and begin to use it, it will enable them to awaken their own innate gifts and abilities and create healing for themselves and the world.


We see the wisdom of the ancient ways creating a pathway of healing. Energy (mana),tones (mere), and thought (mana’o), rejuvenates life, encourages a balance between mind, body and spirit, restoring and maintaining wellness to people, places and elements.


Healing Energy


All things consist of energy. This energy exists in a coherent (harmonic) state or in an incoherent (dissonant) state in the mind, body and spirit. It is our choice to live in harmony or dissonance with ourselves, others and our environment. If we choose to live in a coherent, harmonic state, then we must become aware of the existence of other beings and harmonize with them and their energy, and with the energy of our surroundings. When we do, we will experience harmony, peace and healing.


Healing Services


Healing opportunities are available for individuals who seek optimum health, performance, success and higher states of consciousness. Healing options will be tailored for each individual by the practitioner. These techniques may include body scans or assessments, toning, music, herbs, energy work (Reiki, Healing Touch), channeling and consultations. The practitioner is an instrument of healing energy that comes from a higher source (Ta Ra/The Sun). The practitioner is not the healer; it is the individual who is actually the healer and who activates the healing process through their desire to become harmonized with themselves, others and their environment. In other words, as the individuals seek wholeness, they will also be in harmony with themselves, others, and the environment.



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