Remote Healing


Remote healing is the ability to assist someone to heal (physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) from a distance through thought. This is accomplished through imaging (focusing on a picture), or (as displayed below), over the phone.


The scientific explanation of how and why Kalehua's remote healing works is not yet known. What Kalehua knows and feels is that it works. Kalehua is the assistant who provides the tools; the individual being attended to is the healer.


Research and tests conducted by Dr. Debbie Crews on Kalehua's remote healing, of clients in Arizona and Florida showed positive results. (See our Studies page.)


Cris T. felt nauseous and weak while on a trip to Sedona, Arizona. Ka'imiloa called Kalehua to do remote toning.



After introductions and a brief sharing, Kalehua did remote toning while Ka'imiloa timed the process.


Cris also suffered lower back pain. Kalehua toned as Ka'imiloa time and held the phone to the affected area.


After the toning, Ka'imiloa did some energy movement and a lomi lomi massage for about 30 minutes. Cris then rested for about 30 minutes.


About an hour later, Kalehua tones one more time.


Ka'imiloa ends the session with another energy movement and lomi lomi massage. Cris slept well into the night. The next day she awoke feeling energized. For the next 3 days, she was noticably happier and her energy was higher than normal.


Photos courtesy of Ka'imiloa Dahang


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