Healing Services




Please contact Kalehua at 808-554-9215 to discuss the nature of the service and the price.


  • Original Healing Music (Humans and Animals) (Samples here)
  • Massage
  • Hata Ra
  • Physical Training Using Thought
  • Remote Healing
  • Life Challenge Consultations
  • Personalized Healing Energy (energy placed into your personal item)
  • Olivine Crystals




Please contact Eileen at 808-551-7271 to discuss the nature of the service and the price.


Human clients will be asked to fill in a registration form for themselves and their animals; it includes agreeing to some basic concepts about energy work and animal communication so we are both in alignment about the work to be provided.  Fees are established as a fair energy exchange; for clients who genuinely need the assistance but are unable to pay, please let me know at the time of contact.  You may email me at eileen@animalcommunicatorshawaii.com or call 808-551-7271 and leave a message.


•  Energy work for humans and animals


•  Pet blessings


•  Animal communication


•  Lost animal searches


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