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This is also our No Financial Risk Wedding Video offer to you.

Complimentary filming of your Wedding ceremony…This offer is contingent upon the availability on one or both our camera men.  There is no other video company that we know of who would be willing to take this kind of financial risk. This offer is available whether you hire my services as officiate or musician or not. 

Here’s how it worksI host a TV show here in Hawai'i on OC16 Television.  With your permission, our television film crew will film the arrival of your guests (if any), the entire ceremony, plus messages, if any, from guests, along with candid footage of the event, up to 2 hours of filming with 2 HD television cameras for free.  Minister and groom will wear wireless microphones.  It will be edited and one DVD is included.

Here’s the no financial risk. Once we complete filming, you'll have 5 days to either purchase or not purchase the finished product.  If you decide to purchase the video package, payment will be collected prior to editing your ceremony according to our agreement, and if not, we delete the footage.  That’s it – no risk to anyone but us.  A $1500.00 package, for only $750.00 plus tax. (Delivery of finished product is 10-12 weeks).  If you choose to film using only one camera, the fee would be $650.00 plus tax. Again add 2.5% fee if paying by credit card.

Because My Television film crew is familiar with my ceremony, they’ll know just where to place the cameras at the precise moment creating the best possible angles for your enjoyment of lasting memories.

FINE QUALITY SUITS FOR $179.00 to $199.00

Under the 808formals label, we also offer suits valued at $2,500.00 to $3,000.00 starting at $179.00 plus tax.  This is possible because we are the manufacturer’s rep, distributor, wholesaler and retailer.  Please visit for information.


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